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Welcome to Charmed

The official sequal to the in 2004 released Charmed, made by Hawkbane.

Charmed: Rebirth of Magic, also known as CRoM, is probably the most known of all Charmed games out there and even became the base for many Charmed games made since. This game is a role playing game based on the popular tv-show "Charmed", a world where witches and demons are as real as anything.

Do you have what it takes to make a difference for either good or evil in this strict role playing game? Or perhaps you rather stay neutral? Become one of the many races available to this game with a wide selection of powers and role play in a game based on the old tv show Charmed.

To get the best experience out of this game you are adviced to have the following 2 fonts installed on your computer.
- Charmed font download
- Belthazor font download