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Game Updates - Version 3.0

~~~Version 3.0.0~~~ (01/28/2011)
» Fixed bug in athame where flesh was inaccurate to the victims class
» Fixed bug in athame's that could cause save issues and clones if the athame was held by someone else
» Choosing evil familiar will no longer set Valkyrie as race
» Fixed Bay Mirror storage manager from now recognizing if you work for The Bay Mirror
» Added barrier checks on remote teleportation
» NPCs no longer leave remains when killed
» P3 Owner can now charge entry fees
» Highest position in a company can now claim company earnings
» Fixed bugs that would cause an attack to halt if it was multi-targetting (rage)
» Revamped Turner Inc and added 3 new floors
» Banish evil no longer works on NPCs
» Fixed doubleclick jumping and telekinetic dragging at night
» Revamped damage system of powers
» Killing an astral body now results in death
» Removed Demonic Market
» Familiars can now understand other familiar forms
» Revamped duration on freezing/trapping
» Book of Shadows can now be edited ingame
» The underworld now uses opacity
» Restore Area spell no longer asks to select a person
» Remapped part of the Charmed manors second floor
» Fixed bug that would move A-OOC mutes to OOC mutes
» Blood sense no longer continues sensing if the target is cloaked from good and/or evil
» Projectile attacks can now destroy objects and cancel out other projectile attacks
» Races can now be restricted during creation
» Remapping parts of the Turner manor
» Removed jewel, book & phone store
» Remapped Turner Inc penthouse
» Removed winter theme
» Fixed mute curse
» Added logo to Clothing Store
» Added rare power Enchanting
» Removed Dark Elder, Warlock Leader
» Added Thoreaux manor
» Removed Hathaway manor
» P3 is now locked by default
» Reversed powersets
» Warlock/Witch system missing
» Uncoded all staff

~~~Version 3.0.0 Bravo~~~ (01/28/2011)
» Fixed icon issue with evil child teacher
» Fixed missing teleport in data processing room of Turner Inc
» Remove obsolete options from clothing store
» Intelligence now restores when resting in safe zone
» Fixed formula for damage system
» Fixed issue that prevented neutral NPCs from emoting

~~~Version 3.0.0 Charlie~~~ (01/29/2011)
» Added Telepathic Suggestion to Darklighters, Demon of Fear and Source
» Added Electrokinetic Blast to energy demons
» Fixed icon of good child teacher
» You can no longer split objects by 0
» Added 6 Teleports to power broker

~~~Version 3.0.0 Delta~~~ (01/30/2011)
» Replaced Demonic Healer's Empath Read with Sense Wounds
» Corrected evil rank list
» Minor changes to powers for some ranks
» Vampires are now immune to witch powers instead of poison
» Fixed icon problem with Change to Robe
» Changed coding for NPC attacks involving poison
» Solved conflict between staff list and server information

~~~Version 3.0.0 Echo~~~ (02/01/2011)
» Fixed incorrect reversing of icon on change to robe
» P3 Owner can now get access cards to P3, to allow free entry when an entry fee is set
» Fixed Cursing to animal, making the cursed one invisible
» Fixed bug where players would gain exp after using poison on orbs

~~~Version 3.0.0 Foxtrot~~~ (02/03/2011)
» Fixed damage system for Bows (darklighter & silver)
» Fixed Bay Mirror job of delivering to the bank
» Fixed icon bug in RPM Revive
» Intel spell now boosts intel permanently (Though reduced amount)
» Reborn now takes Sorcerer set
» Telekinesis click/drag now responds to immunities
» Fixed telekinesis blast from bugging if target is immune
» Fixed Freeze Player/Body from bugging if target is immune
» Promoting to C.E.O. of Turner Inc now works
» Remapped Brotherhood of Thorn (Credits to Jara)

~~~Version 3.0.0 Golf~~~ (02/07/2011)
» Fixed issue where Astral may return to Purgatory incorrectly
» NPCs now also deal damage based on the damage system
» Fixed Intel gains from Potion making
» Fixed Intel gained from RP Bonus
» Fixed Intel gained from ranks
» Pyrokinesis now checks for immunity
» Fixed damage system on Astral Explosion
» Fixed incorrect calculation to damage system
» Adjusted damage to no longer go negative if the difference in power is too big

~~~Version 3.0.0 Hotel~~~ (02/21/2011)
» "Added Updates" button to the skin
» Fixed change to robe on Elders
» Siren no longer stays after reborn
» Combustion no longer stops working after using on a target with reconstitute

~~~Version 3.0.0 India~~~ (03/18/2011)
» BYOND members no longer gain Master Force Potions, due to abuse
» Fixed issue on the Update button
» Putting PP into intelligence now correctly adds it to your max intelligence
» Fixed a bug that would allow splitting to create more then you have
» Fixed a bug where astral doesn't return if used under a different name
» Removed Thoreaux manor from the game, voiding the family as official
» Added an easily accesable button for the game guide

~~~Version 3.0.0 Juliet~~~ (04/09/2011)
» Corrected some mapping issues on Chinatown house interiors
» Houses can now be bought at the real estate agent

~~~Version 3.0.0 Kilo~~~ (04/17/2011)
» Empath (Witch & Demon) now correctly gets Empathic Sense
» Fairies now correctly gain Fairy Sense
» Familiars now correctly gain Familiar Sense
» Fixed issue that prevented Pyrokinesis from working on objects
» Familiar Elder now gets Summon Familiar
» You can now throw things in the trash bin and take it out again (only on same trash bin)
» You can no longer split or drop objects by inaccurate amounts
» Bay Mirror delivery now also includes Turner Inc & Casino
» Fixed bug that removed valkyrie pendant during reborn
» Minor changes to the weather system

~~~Version 3.0.0 Lima~~~ (04/18/2011)
» Fixed bugs in Bay Mirror deliveries
» Replaced Bay Mirror delivery from P3 to Hotel Wolf
» Casino can now be purchased at Turner Inc Real Estate
» Casino upgrade: Roulette now also has betting on color
» Casino upgrade: You can now play blackjack
» The Bay Mirror can now be purchased at Turner Inc Real Estate

~~~Version 3.0.0 Mike~~~ (04/21/2011)
» Fixed faction level bug when getting Valkyrie Princess
» RPM Lvl3 or higher can now clear ownership of a house or company
» Enchanting can now rename and color as well
» Block Magic no longer carries over during reborn
» Class 6 no longer auto obtains High Resistance. This is now a 20% chance.
» Passive abilities no longer work when your powers are bound

~~~Version 3.0.0 November~~~ (04/27/2011)
» Fixed some icon bugs in Curse
» Increased bank interest rate
» Teleporter set now unlocks various teleportation methodes upon getting more powerful
» Fixed Bay Mirror delivery to Herbal Shop
» Choosing acces card on Casino fee no longer allows you to enter if you don't have a card
» Fixed bug that caused firing from Turner Inc to demote someone back to Lawyer
» Fixed split/drop bug in Jewelry
» Curse should no longer permanently effect the familiar form
» Academy master is no longer invisible

~~~Version 3.0.0 Oscar~~~ (05/08/2011)
» Fixed locking bug on 21642 Allen Avenue
» Fixed option to quit working for P3
» Fixed possible conflicts with accescards to Casino and P3
» Remapping of the bank
» Summon Sword now allows a basic sword to be summoned as well as any rank/race specific swords
» Summon Sword can now be obtain as rare with summon good/evil (if advanced)
» Added Pellax family manor

~~~Version 3.0.0 Papa~~~ (05/25/2011)
» Regenerate is now more effective
» Change to robe now works for all applicable
» P3 glasses/bottles now stack properly
» Resting is now slightly faster
» Modified Shields to drain less energy and offer higher protection
» Revamped coding for valkyrie pendant and updated locations
» Fixed a few spells that would report already known after reborn
» RPM Lvl3 can now allow/disallow Vampire/Werewolf transformation through the NPCs

~~~Version 3.0.0 Quebec~~~ (06/06/2011)
» Drinking/Throwing stacked potions now works
» Mixing potions now works with stacked ingredients
» Fixed a bug that caused killing an astral body to kill everyone (in RP Zone), but the astral
» Fixed a bug in unenchanted weapons that prevented them from killing
» Examining enchanted weapons no longer duplicates the description
» Chests now have a limited supply, but can be used as (temporary) storage. Contents are not saved during reboot

~~~Version 3.0.0 Romeo~~~ (06/08/2011)
» The default content of a chest is now randomized
» Added new rare power; Swap Position
» Having both custom witch and custom demon, no longer conflicts
» Fixed some issues in teleporting a familiar (teleport group/player)
» Fixed a bug that prevented stacked force potions to be used a second time
» Re-added "Summon Darklighter" spell to book containing spells

~~~Version 3.0.0 Sierra~~~ (06/09/2011)
» Fixed a few attacks that did not kill, only damage
» Click&Drag tk now also displays a message
» Flesh is now consumed in potions that require it
» Fixed a bug in splitting stacked objects
» Class for witch/warlock is now based on Intelligence
» Revamped the class name system and added/changed some of the higher class names.
» Healing now also effectively helps against KO
» Added an extra check on chokes, stopping if the target is death

~~~Version 3.0.0 Tango~~~ (06/11/2011)
» Adding some missing checks on rare powers after reborn
» Fixed energy potion from not working after drinking a stacked potion
» Added coding to prevent different level potions to be merged
» Splitting vanquish/explosive potions now take on the correct level/race

~~~Version 3.0.0 Uniform~~~ (06/16/2011)
» An evil witch killing an innocent, now permanently turns into a warlock
» Regaining energy is now done to the percentage of health
» Chests now restock everytime day/night shifts (4 hours)
» Updated guns to check for damage resistance and shields
» Overgained potion exp is now saved for the next level
» Added a Po3 system that will balance their power automaticly depending on the surviving members
» Potion level is now more important when making potions (instead of intelligence)
» Alchemy intel potion now works correctly
» Added rank "Rowe". See rank section for details
» Added rank "Avatar". See rank section for details
» Removed 'Level' unique, as it isn't as beneficial
» Added immunity to spells to rare immunities
» Class 6 is no longer automaticly immune to most spells
» Power Broker can make spellcasting power again
» KOing the training orb (attacking) now also works for experience
» Added company Electra Investments

~~~Version 3.0.0 Viktor~~~ (06/19/2011)
» Fixed poison athame from not killing by stabbing, only by poison
» Objects can now pass over water
» Swap now stops if the first target is cancelled
» Updated so giving powersets includes any connected teleporting methodes
» Added ATM machines to some companies
» Updated Electra Investments jobs with more options
» Teleport Marker has now become a basic verb
» Premonitions of Quake now work again
» Fixed Bay Mirror jobs for the company owner
» New teleportation methode added for whitelighters (testing)
» New floor added to Electra Investments

~~~Version 3.0.0 Whiskey~~~ (06/26/2011)
» Corrected issue that prevented teleporting over lava/water
» Temnikova manor moved to lakehouse
» Updated Electra Investments jobs with more options
» Added minor building interior changes
» ID cards can be replaced at the bank
» Real estate NPC will now buy back companies
» Implemented 3 new teleports (Darklighter, Blue Fade, Red Fade)
» Fixed a boost issue for intelligence on the child teachers
» Energycapping is no longer effective on those below class 3
» Exposure range is increased from 3 to 5
» It is now possible to open doors by clicking on them (as well as the default open verb)
» Reborn now removes the new WL tele from the choose teleport options
» Corrected the missing teleports for certain warlock classes
» Corrected a namechecking issue

~~~Version 3.0.0 Xray~~~ (07/02/2011)
» Fixed power broker trading bug
» Replaced new darklighter orb with the correct icon
» RPM Lvl3 can now check the status of Viktor/Lucon without having to change it
» Electra Manor teleport is now teleporting to the correct location
» Moved Alchemist to neutral ranks
» Alchemists can now resurrect people (limited version)
» Expanded immunity to witch power to missing witch powers
» Mixing alignment potions no longer consumes all vials

~~~Version 3.0.0 Yankee~~~ (07/05/2011)
» Added shading effect to the underworld and dungeons
» Joining the whitelighter faction no longer gives a levelup, due to abuse
» Corrected Red Energybolt to use the new damage system
» Added a missing check for alchemist
» Fixed some area recognition checks for heaven & dark heaven on teleports
» Adding new flaming teleport

~~~Version 3.0.0 Zulu~~~ (07/09/2011)
» Poison no longer stays if it kills you as astral
» Made poison slightly faster
» New 'custom demons' will now unlock some teleportation forms, depending on power choice
» Added new power, Phasing (Darklighter, Custom Witch & Demon of Fear)
» Changed resting speed
» Source rank is now open to any evil being
» Health Potions are now less effective and require a higher potion level to make
» New flame teleport is now properly removed when reborn
» Replaced the Witch Doctors Red Fade with a new Yellow Fade
» Rowe now also gets a demonic form
» Killing good human NPCs now also counts as killing an innocent
» Added Custom Warlock power set
» Fixed Intel boost on some rare powers, previously only giving a temp boost

~~~Version 3.0.1 Alpha~~~ (07/10/2011)
» Shield Other now displays shield correctly for neutral
» Fixed missing teleports in Electra Estate
» Coded killing good human npcs to count as innocents (listed in prior update but wasn't coded yet)
» Added missing barrier in good gathering place. Still needs mapping fix.
» Removed P3 Owner from ranks
» P3 can now be bought as a company
» Fixed a few density problems on the map
» Coded a system to sell companies & houses back to Turner Inc
» Revamped Turner Inc's money balance. C.E.O. can now ruin or save the company
» Implemented a Class Limit system that can be toggled by RPM Lvl3's or higher
» Altered the rank boost for Po3 ranks
» Added some missing checks for levitate & phase

~~~Version 3.0.1 Bravo~~~ (07/16/2011)
» Removing a Po3 rank now properly removes the Po3 boost
» Purgatory spell now works on both good and evil
» Adjusted exposure system so exposure is possible to all humans, including players
» Fixed Molecular targetting (previously being able to see invisible)

~~~Version 3.0.1 Charlie~~~ (07/23/2011)
» Fixed several exposure issues
» Fully implemented Staff tags (including View Online)
» Added option to toggle if magic should be exposed to you, if you're a human
» Fixed consumption of empty vials when making normal health potion
» Alchemy potions now also work with stacked ingredients
» Fixed issue that could cause collective ranks to gain unlimited boosts over time
» Fixed waterbeam from not killing under certain conditions
» Fixed a bug on Vine Choke that would spam kill
» Fixed value bug on Explosive and Vanquish Potions
» Fixed the red P3 bottles from not stacking

~~~Version 3.0.1 Delta~~~ (10/09/2011)
» Added missing check if disabling exposure as human
» Triad can now select their teleport in Choose Teleport
» Enabled races overview (RPM) now includes Valkyrie
» P3 can now be sold
» Fixed issue where P3 and Bay Mirror ownership was not properly saved and loaded
» Decreased winning odds of Black Jack
» Ranks can now be giving below Class 5
» Fixed issue in Class Limitation system

~~~Version 3.0.1 Echo~~~ (10/15/2011)
Updated Corusius teleport/healing and fixed faction invitation
» Fixed issue preventing half warlocks from becoming Rowe
» Changed the resistance on Telepathic Suggestion
» Level/Experience is no longer displayed in stats
» Force Potions no longer work based on level
» Profile pictures are now displayed in a seperate category when setting up the profile
» Double Clicking a player will now show basic stuff that you'd be able to know ICly

~~~Version 3.0.1 Foxtrot~~~ (12/11/2011)
» Fixed a bug in splitting
» Fixed Molecular Dispersal from not working on non whitelighter
» Server customization now allows rain to be replaced by snow

Version 3.0.2 Alpha (02/26/2012)

  • Whitelighters are no longer immune to darklighter poison
  • Added OOC tag for Host
  • Changed hidden menu password
  • Lowered requirement of RP Points for Class System
  • Training no longer provides money
  • Healing now alco correctly works against being KO'd
  • Added new male icon
  • Certain conjured objects no longer have a value
  • Slots winning odds can no longer be set below 10% or above 90%
  • Reversing a curse (skill) is now based on power
  • Modified code for shapeshift other (reverting)
  • Added new area to Underworld
  • Revamped vampire passage
  • Poison herb can now be extracted from a toxic pool
  • Fixed bug in Po3/Collective ranks where it would weaken twice if target is killed then stripped
  • Fixed Power Athame, now making it steal powers again
  • Retouched Avatar area
  • Fixed vampire immunity to poison against toxic pools
  • Vampires now properly gain their immunity to witch powers when made by NPC/Player
  • Coded in 2 new teleporting methodes, 'Death' & 'Mystic'
  • Demonic Healing no longer needs ingredients
  • Added new female icon

Version 3.0.2 Bravo (03/29/2012)

  • Fixed old damage bug in kick/punch
  • Fixed bugs in reversing a Curse using the power
  • Renamed 'Summon Sword' to 'Summoning (Sword)'
  • Disabled blocking teleport, making it useable as block magic only
  • Provided staff with alternate block teleport
  • Make Visible spell now works correctly on cloak/illusions
  • Combustion now pushes the target away
  • Fixed Custom Warlock set on reborn
  • Using spiderweb on a phased person now leaves a web on the floor
  • Weakened Gust as an attack
  • Choke/Strangulation now no longer deals damage if the target is twice as powerful
  • Telekinetically pushing objects against someone now works again
  • Health potions can no longer be made or bought
  • Vanquish potions now always deal damage, in case they aren't strong enough to vanquish
  • Updated damage system on NPCs
  • Minor changes to stats panel
  • Added new water teleport
  • Added 2 new female icons

Version 3.0.2 Charlie (06/03/2012)

  • Fixed default human icon for familiars
  • Fixed Familiar Elder power to change form
  • Renamed 'Summon Athame' to 'Summoning (Athame)'
  • Transforming into a spider or dragon, no longer blocks certain attacks
  • Human NPCs no longer have their exposure disabled
  • People can now join the Bounty Hunters again through a NPC
  • Added 3 new male icons
  • Increased maximum saves per key to 3
  • Changed animation on Astral Short/Explosion
  • Updated damage system on Astral Explosion
  • Increased pay at P3 and Turner Inc
  • Fixed some bugs in Teleporting others, that caused them to be invisible
  • Rule Book can now be changed by Admin Lvl2

Version 3.0.3 Alpha (07/13/2012)

  • Revamped the game rules
  • Beam attacks now have a slightly longer range
  • Renamed energybolt to energyball to be more lore accurate
  • Fireball in the painting can now destroy objects
  • Fixed bug in vanquish potions, not always running the deathcheck
  • Alchemist Resurrection power now displays correctly in the stats panel
  • Alchemist no longer has an alignment shift upon getting the rank
  • Kick now checks for remaining energy
  • Energy Potions are now less effective for those with high energy
  • Toxic pool can no longer be spammed for poison herbs
  • Corusius no longer heals evil. Restricting himself to whitelighters only
  • Bay Mirror can now deliver package to casino at the door
  • Counter time has been changed to 30 seconds, only displaying every 10 seconds
  • Renamed Cloak to Invisibility
  • Removed Craft Potion as a skill
  • Introduced Conditions that impact maximum health
  • Fixed a bug in Choke/Strangulation that could keep the person choked
  • Added new smoke power 'Smog' to smoke demons
  • Replaced Smoke Demons 'Summon Athame' with 'Conjure'
  • Smoke powers have a chance of causing the smog condition
  • Fire powers & Thermal blast have a chance of causing burns
  • Added 2 new curses 'Black Heart' & 'Soul Drain', that work as a condition
  • Witch Doctors now also learn the power to Curse
  • Poison weapons now cause the minor poison condition
  • Antidote potion will cure severe poison, but will leave behind a minor poison condition
  • Scratch/Bite has a chance to cause a Severe Injury or Infection
  • Arrows/bullits have a chance of causing a Severe Injury
  • Created a class cap system
  • Alignment is now classified in levels. This may be used in future purposes
  • Beams now work against objects as intended
  • Story RPMs can now assign event characters
  • Some NPCs are capable of causing conditions upon players

Version 3.0.3 Bravo (07/14/2012)

  • Max allowed character in OOC message increased from 300 to 500
  • Fixed Conditions from not being removed upon reborn
  • Fixed vanquish potions from not always dealing damage
  • Slightly made explosive potions stronger