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Game Updates - Version 2.3

~~~Version 2.3.0~~~
- Fixed several critical runtime errors
- Improved a lot of old coding
- Revamped class system
- Fixed bug in alchemy if not having a vial
- Added new alchemy potion (Blocking Potion), replacing block magic
- Teleport potion now has a block popup
- Added new rank (Warlock Leader)
- Added warlock faction
- Fixed few issues with Crystal Cages
- Creating potions now gives more experience
- Added Library
- Added Spring clothing for adults
- Fixed issue in hybrid vamp change
- Fixed spring icons
- Readded missing Police Station
- Added Turner family manor
- Updated NPC stats
- Updated painting firebolts
- Renewed Hathaway manor

~~~Version 2.3.0b~~~
- Fixed time delay bug in Scratch and Push
- Fixed bug in Gypsy powerset for potions/alchemy
- Fixed attacking speed differences between weapons
- Balanced absorb/create PP
- Added 'Zone Switch' to quickly go to safe zone or back
- Updated Brotherhood of the Thorn NPCs
- Fixed bug in death system
- Fixed some missing tags on NPCs
- Fixed bug in empty books
- Changed get verb for most books
- Added new rules
- Fixes bug in weapons working when frozen
- Added conjure pendant to Valkyrie leader
- Academy master now requires 8PP for 1 level
- Renamed training orbs
- Messages exceeding the limit are now posted to yourself

~~~Version 2.3.0c~~~
- Moved 'Zone Switch' to Commands tab
- Added custom witch power set
- Added rank 'Guardian of Life'
- Added Valkyrie faction inviter
- Faction Members now also recieve Faction Info (Except custom factions)
- Added power set 'Copier'
- 'Copier' and 'Power Stealer' are now visible on the list but requires special permission
- Everyone can now read profiles from a distance

~~~Version 2.3.1~~~
- Fixed bug in new powerset Custom Witch
- Added View Ranks to seperate from View Story
- Revamped RPM system
- Cleaned up some coding
- Female humans can now become Valkyries
- Valkyries now also learn Sense
- Added block teleport to Edea (Valkyrie NPC)
- Increased rank boosts
- Blast Ray no longer turns witches evil
- Fixed bug in Zone Switch when in Purgatory & Painting
- Renewed layout for Rule Book. (Thanks Lilla)

~~~Version 2.3.1b~~~
- Fixed bug in health during class 5
- Absorb PP can now distribute over stats
- Added option for staff to disable all NPCs
- Improved RPM Revive
- Fixed Conjure herb for Genji Seed
- Replaced ban system
- Adding missing rank in RPM verbs
- Flames can no longer be conjured
- Fixed bug where conjure pendant was not given to Valkyrie Leader
- Fixed bug in Teleport Marker, still allowing some places to be marked
- Fixed icon_states on one of the bride icons
- Added auto-save system
- Renamed Temnikova manor to Electra Estate
- New resting system
- Added SyncWolf's lair
- Added new rare power (Life's Blessing)
- Added training orbs to vampire cave

~~~Version 2.3.1c~~~
- Increased resting speed
- Fixed bug in absorbing PP to potion exp above 100%
- Made all beds undense
- Added block on using potions under certain conditions
- Cloak or Illusion no longer makes people undense
- Fixed bug in "Zone Switch" on area recognition
- Telekinesis drag no longer works in safe zones
- Slice is now disabled in safe zone
- Amulet of Life can no longer revive if the ghost has been killed
- Special items are now be taken when killing someone (Amulet of Life, Excalibur)
- Fixed alignment changes on some attacks
- Added new area; Witches of the Warden

~~~Version 2.3.1d~~~
- Fixed a few bugs in staff verbs
- Increased resting speed
- Revamped some staff verbs
- Fixed slice in safe zone
- Added new powers to custom witch and allowed for a fifth choice
- Added missing objects to list of things that can be examined
- Renamed Demonic Council to Infernal Council
- Added a little more decoration to Bucklands

~~~Version 2.3.1e~~~
- PP can now be traded again
- Demonic Heal can now also heal good
- Fixed descriptions on amulets
- Increased the reward for talking to the Helping NPCs at the starting grounds
- Increased money gained from Jobs
- Fixed a few bugs in staff verbs
- Fixed double rest bug
- Fixed missing powers for custom witch
- Pyrokinesis can now burn objects

~~~Version 2.3.1f~~~
- Fixed minor bugs
- Cleaned up coding
- Fixed potion making staying on reborn
- Using website/forum now opens the link
- Added Website/Forum to top left 'Menu'
- Added "View Online" command to see online players

~~~Version 2.3.1g~~~
- Fixed "View Online" in the top Menu
- Added "Game Guide" to Commands
- Books now have a larger window
- Spell teacher now instructs on how to get spells
- Added icon mode 24x24 and 48x48
- Increased maximum screen size from 11 to 14

~~~Version 2.3.1h~~~
- Fixed tk drag for dl/wl if absorbing tk orb
- Fixed minor things on Summon Object
- Corrected messages of powers used
- Grimoire and BoS are now also transferred when the holder is vanquished
- Fixed world status from not reporting to byond correctly
- Increased experience gained from killing players/NPCs
- Fixed barrier on Underworld entrance
- Fixed bug in summoning pre-reborn chars
- Add message if a player gets killed

~~~Version 2.3.1i~~~
- Updated rules
- Kill now only shows when done by player
- Updated RPM Revive to cancel out Ghost kills
- Removed Sesha as co-owner, though credits remain
- Login no longer spams Server Rules and Story pop-ups

~~~Version 2.3.1j~~~
- Fixed a bug in Viktor/Lucon transforming
- Fixed bug in child teachers -growing up-
- Fixed links to website/forum in Menu
- Added mute options for A-OOC
- Removed option to make "Poison Potions"
- Revamped Ban system
- Alignment neutral is now value 0
- Removed trading of Power Points


~~~Version 2.3.2~~~
- Removed faction info on custom factions
- Increased times on Immobilization, cages and traps
- Fixed the PO3 spell
- Updated pawn broker
- Removed power set "Demonic"
- Changed the skill "Change" into a rare power for demons and half demons
- Removed Alchemy from all powersets
- Increased effect of alchemy potions
- Increased money earned from jobs
- Added "Block Magic" as rare power
- Fixed requirements in telekinesis power set
- Changed city map
- Re-added Stonewell and Temnikova manor

~~~Version 2.3.2b~~~
- Fixed bug in reborn, allowing multiple powersets
- Added Temnikova manor entrance to the city
- Updated Faction controls, giving highest rank control over the faction
- Placed limitations on the amulet of life
- Increased requirements for TK/Molec Rage
- Bounty now displays on the stats panel (if applicable)

~~~Version 2.3.2c~~~
- Fixed bug where giving wings to a human would make the whitelighter shimmer
- Updated grammar on Corusius
- Glamor now works long range
- Nerfed some powers damage
- Removed Dispersal from Molecular power set
- Updated the Book of Shadows
- Updated bonus from talking to all 3 helping NPC at the startgrounds

~~~Version 2.3.2d~~~
- High Priest is now open to Gypsies
- Added female name versions to (High Priest, Dark Priest, Werewolf Leader)
- Added 11 new female icons to the clothing shop
- Minor changes to bounty NPCs
- Revamped the bounty bar
- Added new good rank "Hunter/Huntress"

~~~Version 2.3.2e~~~
- Revamped bounty hunter system
- Increased rewards from gambling
- Players can now get books from bookshelves
- Candles can now be picked up
- Exposure can now be disabled

~~~Version 2.3.2f~~~
- Academy now offers protection against summons from the other alignment
- Updated bounty bar NPCs with correct guild
- Fixed bug in barrier on bounty hunter area
- Bounty hunters now recieve a message when a bounty is collected
- Fixed bug in astral project long to safe zone
- Curse no longer works on teachers or other important NPCs
- Fixed requirements for demonic market
- Fixed bug in icon for teleport object, going invisible
- Guns no longer work in safe zone
- Updated 'Game Guide'
- Bounty Hunter faction now correctly assigns them as bounty hunters
- Phoenix witches can now bind powers
- Added spell & alchemy potion to unbind powers
- Fixed bug in reborn not working correctly

~~~Version 2.3.2g~~~
- Faction ranks no longer give a minor boost, duo to abuse
- Whitelighters can now sense darklighters
- Darklighters can now sense other darklighters
- Fixed several holes in area recognition for barriers (academies/heavens)
- Added 1 new spell to book of magic (Restore Area)

~~~Version 2.3.2h~~~
- Fixed loopholes in powers from the demonic market
- Updated "Shield Other"power
- Fixed 2 bugs in "Restore Area" spell
- Sorceror is no longer male only
- Sorcerors now learn Dark Cloaking
- Updated Sorcerors Curse with more options
- Added new rare power; (Dark Cloak & Light Cloak)
- Fixed candle from not conjuring
- Added new weapons. (Sword, Axe, Whip)
- Calling a whitelighter no longer works, if either is in the underworld
- Added animation for swords, axe, whip
- More objects are now taken when killing a victim
- Spider demons now have superspeed in spiderform

~~~Version 2.3.2i~~~
- Fixed bugs in Curse
- Deleted old teleports from the park
- Athame's no longer disappear upon throwing, unless hiting someone
- Updated 'Game Guide'
- Updated skin
- Fixed bug in reborn, preventing you from getting jobs
- Several objects can now be pushed, or pulled
- Increased health gained when biting as vampire
- Repositioned teleport to vampire home
- Fixed bug in teleport home for ranks
- Fixed typo if taking things when killing
- Revamped Chat color option and renamed to "Name Color"
- Fixed bug in custom demon power set

~~~Version 2.3.2j~~~
- Fixed remaining bug in custom demon
- Updated the rules
- Removed remaining teleports in the park
- Made benches in the park undense
- Fixed an issue in reborn system
- Updated the startground information
- Made small, but significant changes to the leveling system
- Guest keys are now allowed again
- Changed icon for Charmed

~~~Version 2.3.3~~~ (11/08/2010)
» Fixed remaining bug in custom demon
» Updated the rules
» Removed remaining teleports in the park
» Made benches in the park undense
» Fixed an issue in reborn system
» Updated the startground information
» Made small, but significant changes to the leveling system
» Guest keys are now allowed again
» Changed icon for Charmed
» Added link to hub
» Added achievements (Medals)

~~~Version 2.3.3 Bravo~~~ (11/09/2010)
» You can no longer absorb PP into potion level if you reached max level
» Fixed bug in character creation when choosing alignment
» Fixed bug in level system, not checking for levelup if you have enough exp left for another level
» Added a day/night cycle, including rain
» Added 'Real Estate Agent' to Turner Inc, that can provide keys to family manors
» Mixing potion now states what minimum level is required if you are below the requirements
» Expanded the city and graveyard

~~~Version 2.3.3 Charlie~~~ (11/13/2010)
» Fixed bug in sense when using cloaking
» Fixed bug in book of spells on not accurately giving some spells
» Fixed bug in restore area spell, where it would incorrectly turn chairs
» Fixed bug where scratch ignored shield
» Updated vanquish potion and explosive potion
» Making a potion now displays a message to those around you
» Slight adjustment to weather changes, fixing some bugs
» Added new job at Turner Inc
» Gypsy forest and Warden forest are now also effected by day/night
» Being summoned now leaves a message before the summon
» Banish evil now banishes to the dungeons
» Added area; Source's Dungeon

~~~Version 2.3.3 Delta~~~ (11/13/2010)
» Fixed bug in computers at Turner Inc
» Added promotion system for Turner Inc
» Added new hidden lair in the Underworld
» Added teleport to Forest area

~~~Version 2.3.3 Echo~~~ (11/13/2010)
» Fixed last remaining problems with the computers
» Fixed Summon evil/good that allowed it to summon from Purgatory
» Fixed bugs in banishing evil
» New Witch Doctors will now have a yellow fade teleport
» New Sorcerers will now have a blue fade teleport
» Remapped Casino
» Fixed name color on Turner Inc receptionist
» Added (NPC) tag to majority of NPCs
» Advance health potions are now more effective
» Changed parts of demonic academy
» Changed the Chinatown map

~~~Version 2.3.3 Foxtrot~~~ (11/15/2010)
» Fixed teleport to Chinatown
» Remapped good academy
» Changed Church interior
» NPCs no longer take items when they kill
» Slightly modified the yellow, blue and earth fade
» Fixed bug where some races could get negative PP
» Added (NPC) tags to remaining NPCs
» Profile RPMs are now displayed as RPM1 -Profile in View Online (previously RPM1 -Story)
» Renamed Bay View Mirror to The Bay Mirror
» Added logo's to the company buildings for The Bay Mirror, Turner Inc & Buckland
» Changed animation for AFK
» Slight changes to Buckland interior
» Banish Evil and Purgatory no longer displays a world message
» It no longer displays who gets what rank
» Fixed boost for Vampire/Werewolf form
» Fixed earth witch poison

~~~Version 2.3.3 Golf~~~ (11/18/2010)
» Fixed door in good academy to training room
» Fixed premonition of church
» Vampire/Werewolf/Spider speed now works outside during the night
» Fixed some bugs related to dark/light cloak
» Running time now displays days
» Fixed some issues with transform/change not setting name correctly
» Fixed Light/Dark Cloak carrying over on reborn
» Fixed Excalibur recognition carrying over on reborn

~~~Version 2.3.3 Hotel~~~ (11/21/2010)
» You may now mark up to 4 locations
» Added an option to choose your emote color
» Bows must now be loaded with arrows
» Fixed bug in strength stacking for vampire change
» Changed display on time the world has been running
» Fixed bug in that caused attacks or potions to spam
» Re-added poison potion
» Throwing heavy objects against someone can now KO them
» Fixed Dark Elder Future Seeing from black screening if no darklighter is online
» Fortune Table is now effected by dark/light cloak
» Guns now use ammunition
» Pawnbroker no longer sells guns
» Slight modifications to Police Station interior

~~~Version 2.3.3 India~~~ (11/25/2010)
» Valkyrie Portal now works with all 4 marked locations
» Replaced Buckland painting with replica of original from show
» Added logo to police station and casino
» Remapped Buckland interior
» Add a new house (interior) to the city
» Added Zyther family manor
» Replaced mouse cursor
» Being killed will now leave remains (water, ashes, scorchmark, blood)
» Added check to prevent npc spam attacking
» Added Winter theme
» Added empty store in the city
» Added christmas store for holidays

~~~Version 2.3.3 Juliet~~~ (11/25/2010)
» Fixed exterior of Zyther manor
» Added missing Teddybear to christmas shop
» Fixed density bug if astral body gets killed
» Valhalla and Fairy Kingdom now encouter snow as well
» More items now drop in front of the player, regardless of direction
» Fixed name color on realestate NPC
» Moved Purgatory spells to Book of Shadows