Owned by
- SyncWolf

Game Updates - Version 2.1

- Added Guilds
- Removed Training Machines 6 & 7
- Re-added barriers on academy's
- Silver & Enchanted Athame's are now buyable at the potion shop
- Added barrier for evil whitelighters orbing to heaven
- Added Demonic Market
- Added Custom name for OOC
- Fixed relog revive bug
- Fixed power boost for Triad/Queen
- Added Teleport Place to marked location and preset homes
- Added RPM See Race

- Fixed OOC-name
- Changed number of allowed save's to 1
- Increased powers of Admin's
- Server acces has now been limited to Admins
- Blocked NPC's from entering Academy's
- Training Machine firebolts can now be reversed

~~~Version 2.1.2~~~
- Fixed Admin Rename for OOC-Name
- Fixed child teacher if you said No
- Added Whitelighter Council
- Added Non RP zone
- Remade RPM system
- Fixed a bug that possibly prevented spells from working
- Fixed rank boost
- Spell's can no longer be cast if dead
- Removed animation from astral dead

~~~Version 2.1.2b~~~
- Fixed teleport to Charmed attic
- Fixed RP settings

~~~Version 2.1.2c~~~
- Fixed bug in Transform
- Added verb for couches to sit on them
- Added Dark Priest for warlocks and demons
- Added a force premontion power
- Added 2 new power brokers
- Added a block to prevent NPC's from entering Charmed manor

~~~Version 2.1.2d~~~
- Fixed Sit verb for couches
- Added extra NPC's
- Possibly fixed NPC respawn
- Fixed bug in RPM powers
- Book prices have been lowered from 500$ to 50$
- Fixed academy barriers
- Guild member verb now also displays guild name
- Remapped Jail and made it accesable to RPM's & Admins Lvl2
- RPM's now have block teleport

~~~Version 2.1.2e~~~
- Fixed Jail walls from being undense
- Added protection to several Mod powers
- Added Host Status
- Added new verbs for Mods

~~~Version 2.1.2f~~~
- Changed Dragon's earth spawn to random evil spawn
- Added Pawnbroker
- Added improved jumping for Werewolves
- Added Immortality spell
- Fixed athame's and swords from still killing in safe zone

~~~Version 2.1.2g~~~
- Added Home to list of places