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- SyncWolf

Game Updates - Version 2.0

- Official remake of Charmed Rebirth of Magic!!!
- New maps
- Better system
- More bugs fixed
- New powers
- New damage system
- New exams
- New Potions
- New power animations
- Created an A-OOC channel! (view rules)
- Several powers now have a influence on your alignment

~~~Version 2.0.1~~~
- Added Source Lair
- Added first floor of Charmed Manor
- Adjusted the books in evil academy
- Added secret training rooms to both academy's
- Fixed a bug in remote teleport to place
- Fixed Teleport Potion Place
- Max Experience gain on levelup has been reduced from 8% to 3%

~~~Version 2.0.1b~~~
- Training machines are no longer lethal
- Added a fix me to the options menu
- Disabled teleporting to machines
- Fixed Valkyrie portal

~~~Version 2.0.1c~~~
- Added timer to Dragoons summon dragon
- Fixed internal bug in Shapeshift Other
- Fixed bug in Valkyrie open portal


- Succesfully intergrated a new potion system
- Potion making has been limited to spellusers
- Finding spells from the books has been blocked for non spellusers
- Fixed several internal errors, reducing chance on crash
- Custom status has been increased to 20 characters instead of 15
- Removed charges for half whitelighters and slightly adjusted there requirements
- Fixed alot of objects and training machines from turning invisible after reverting there shapeshift