Owned by
- SyncWolf


Like each other game, this game also has a set of rules. Read them and remember them!

1) Keep all chat channels civilized (A-OOC excluded). This includes no spamming!
- Do not use caps in a full sentence, this means more then 1 words.
- Do not use capped words split into several sentences to avoid the rule.
- Do not disrespect players or staff in any way!
- Do not insult players or staff
- The use of swear words is not allowed, this counts for words such as (fuck, shit bitch, faggot, asshole, etc)
- Words such as (ass, damn, etc) are acceptable if not used in an offending way
- Repeating sentences, words, links is considered spam.

2) No posting anything of mature content
- Posting pornographic links will not be tolerated and will result in mute or ban.

3) Don't argue with Staff about rules or punishments.
- If you feel like being wronged, post the situation with a screenshot on the forum. Make sure you post all the needed details.

4) Don't bother the staff for personal favors.
- Asking to be summoned into rooms you don't belong is not allowed, both you and the staff will be punished if this happens.
- Asking a admin to edit you in any way is not allowed, doing so will risk you into getting muted.
- Keep asking for ranks to a discretion, if a staff member has been asked a lot he may see you as indiscrete

5) Don't ask staff to unmute or unban you or someone else.
- Using a alternate key to ask if you can be unbanned or unmuted is not allowed, doing so will get your alternate key punished in the same way.
- Don't bother staff on instant messengers to be unmuted or unbanned. This will result in a permanent ban!
- Don't ask other people to play as a messenger and let them ask for a unmute or unban. They will risk being muted or banned instead.

6) Don't ask for staff (GM/Admin/RPM).
- Asking for staff will in most cases be ignore, but you will risk a mute. To sign up for GM or RPM, check the forum for more information. Applying for a staff position is only possible if a higher up staff decides to do interviews for such positions.
- Asking for Admin while not being a GM is just plain stupid, you will risk a mute.
- If you're a GM and want to try out for admin, check the forum.
- Asking for GM or Admin outside the ways stated above are not tolerated and will risk a ban!!

7) A-OOC rules! (To go here, toggle ON in options)
- A-OOC stands for 'Argument Out Of Character', so this channel is reserved for non role playing only.
- If you fall into a argument with someone and wish to discuss it, invite the person to A-OOC (Toggle this on in the options window).
- This channel is free from most chat rules, with a exception of sexual content.

8) You may not relate yourself direct to someone from the show!
- This includes naming yourself after someone from the show
- Avoiding the name checker may result in a rename/boot/ban

9) When playing on a role playing server, abide the following rules:
- In order to kill someone, your character must first have a reason to do so.
- You do not know someone's name without someone that does know it telling you first.
- When attacking someone, you must use emote. Try to use more then just "person attacks other person". Give at least 15 seconds reaction time!
- When talking oocly, use brackets!
- Do not go to places your character has no reason to go to, for example the Charmed Manor, if you do not know anyone that lives here.
- When being attacked non RPly, either report them or defend yourself non RPly

10) Do not hassle staff without a good reason
- If you require the aid of staff in RP related issues, contact a RPM Lvl1. If they cannot handle it, they will let a RPM Lvl2 know.
- If you require the aid of a rule/bug related issue, contact a GM. If the GM cannot handle it, they will inform an admin.
- Contacting a higher level staff unneeded may result in a mute
- When asking for help, always state your IC name and reason you need their help

11) Do not advertise other games!
- Advertising includes giving a direct link to the hub or server
- You are free to talk about other games, unless a GM/Admin decides otherwise.
- Advertising without the direct permission of an admin lvl2 or higher is not allowed and will result in a mute or ban!

12) Do not swap Money/Items across characters!
- The game has a block on multikey giving, it is there for a reason!
- This includes giving it to another player so he/she can give it back to your other character.
- Doing so may result in a ban or deletion of your save file!

13) AFK Training is not allowed!
- Those caught AFK Training will be booted, doing this multiple times may result in a ban or save file deletion!
- If you are not capable of responding within 3 minutes while training, you may be considered for AFK Training!

14) The use of Macro's is not allowed!
- General use of macro's is not allowed, this includes for training
- Accidentally killing someone with a macro will directly result in a boot.

15) A GM may deal with issues not listed above.
- Causing general disturbance to the game will risk yourself being booted, muted or even banned.
- GM's may also punish you for trying to avoid the rules by bending them in any way.
- These rules are basic guidelines, follow them at all cost and remember them.