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» What kind of game is Charmed: Rebirth of Magic?
» What is role playing?
» How do I train?
» What are Power Points?
» How do I get a higher RP Status and why do I need one?
» How do I get powers (skills)?
» How do I get a rank, such as Charmed One?
» How do I become a hybrid, such as half whitelighter, half witch?
» I need an ID for some thing, how do I get one?
» How do I put a picture in my profile?
» How can I change the color of my name?
» How do I revive? I don't want to recreate!
» When do I get what power?
» I submitted a RP Log, now what?
» How do I become part of the staff?
» How do I purchase a property?

Q: What kind of game is Charmed: Rebirth of Magic?
A: Charmed is a fangame based on the popular tvshow named Charmed, produced by Aaron Spelling. The show itself ran for eight seasons on The WB. The game is created for people who enjoy role playing in a game based on the charmed universe.

Q: What is role playing?
A: Role playing is a big term and is hard to explain in simple words. In a role playing game, you assume the identity of a fictional character and socialize with others. Unlike most games, role playing games are not meant to be competative. An easy way of looking at this, is as if it is acting. You are an actor and the character you make, is your character for this "show" (the game). This means that your character does not know everything you do. If you see a movie once, you may know the ending. But the fictional characters in the movie themselves will never know the ending until they reach it, even though the actors do. Role playing is similar in this in the way that your character is only surpose to know what you find out through role playing actions.

Q: How do I train?
A: This game offers several ways of training, even though there is one that sticks out as the main way. The most common way to get stronger is by training. An easy way to do this is by getting an athame, which can be found in a chest in the 'Safe Zone'. Then go to the 'Safe Zone' or one of the many places in the 'RP Zone', and attack the 'Training Orb (Attacking)'. This will give you experience. If you are in the RP Zone, you may also find 'Training Orb (Healing)' or 'Training Orb (Freezing)'. For the attacking orb, you can also use your powers in the 'RP Zone'. If NPCs are enabled, you may also kill NPCs for experience. Alternative methodes include using Force Potions, absorbing Power Points and talking to the Academy Master (good only) to increase levels in exchange for Power Points.

Q: What are Power Points?
A: Power Points can be used for various reasons within the game. For evil, they can be exchanged for skills in the 'Demonic Market', however the market can be difficult to find. For good, they can be exchanged for a level with the Academy Master, located in goods academy. Additionally, power points can also be absorbed to enhance your stats.

Q: How do I get a higher RP Status and why do I need one?
A: RP Status is a status given to you as your role play. Only RPMs are able to grant you a RP Status, in which you as a role player are rated based on how good you do. In order to get a higher status, you will need to know the rules of role playing and be creative. Quality is better then quantity. The RP Status is used to make sure that certain things are only given to those that are known to handle things correctly.

Q: How do I get powers (skills)?
A: You gain your powers automaticly as you get stronger. Continue to train and you will learn new powers. For a full list of powers and requirements, go to Game > Powers and select one of the applicable options (Demon, Witch, Warlock, Other).

Q: How do I get a rank, such as Charmed One?
A: To obtain a rank, you need to write a story that explains how you became what you want to be. Then ask a Profile RPM to read this, they will pass the story over to the Production RPM for further inspection. Make sure you meet the full requirements of the rank first by checking the website. Because most ranks are limited in numbers, it is important that people understand the rank they may get, to ensure the overall progress of the wipe to run smoothly.

Q: How do I become a hybrid, such as half whitelighter, half witch?
A: To obtain a hybrid, you need to write a story that explains the events that lead to your character being born. Take note that many hybrids, specially cross alignment, are frowned upon or simply illegal to either alignment. Writing a story for a half demon, half witch, will therefor need a good reason. Fairies can not become hybrids, it is also unlikely for valkyries, as they consider men beneath them. Siren demons hate men, therefor these are auto denied for hybrid. For any other hybrid, you need at least RP Status 3, if you have that, contact a Profile RPM to have it checked.

Q: I need an ID for some thing, how do I get one?
A: To obtain an ID card, which is used for P3 and the weaponsdealer, you need to visit the bank. The bank is located on the east (right) side of P3.

Q: How do I put a picture in my profile?
A: The picture itself should be placed in the 'Description' part of your profile. You should see a code there by default --> <IMG SRC=LINK></IMG> <-- This is the html code used to show images. However, you still need to supply the image itself. To obtain an image for your profile, search for one on google, photobucket or any other website you might know. The actual image LINK that you need should be similar to http://www.google.com/images/logos/ps_logo2a_cp.png . This one in particular is to google's logo. A good way to test your image is by pasting the link you have in your browser and seeing if that shows the image itself. These links often end with ".png, .gif, .bmp, .jpeg" or others. (Note, only the image, not the website.)

Q: How can I change the color of my name?
A: In order to change the color of your name in say and ooc, go to the 'Options' menu from either the 'Commands' tab, Top left 'Menu' or the bottom right 'Options'. Next, select 'Name Color'. You will see a palette in which you can choose a color or use the customize tab. Keep in mind that dark colors will make it hard to see your name and should not be used.

Q: How do I revive? I don't want to recreate!
A: This is a role playing game. Thus meaning that if you were killed during a RP, your character actually died. Unlike PvP games, you do not simply respawn. Characters did not respawn on the show either. If you died without RP, then it technicly did not happen and you can submit a RP Log to request a revive. Because nobody wants to waste precious time training just to do and lose it all, the game offers a reborn process. This allows you to create a new character as if it is a new character without having to lose all your hard earned stats.

Q: When do I get what power?
A: In order to see when you get which power, visit the Powers section of this website. You can access this through Game > Powers and then choosing the option corresponding to your race or choosing 'Other'. This will show you an overview of which powers you can obtain and the required power.

Q: I submitted a RP Log, now what?
A: RPMs are not automaticly notified of this, but will check the submissions frequently. You may want to tell a RPM on OOC that you submitted a RP Log so that they can immediatly review it and see if all the information required is present. The RP log will automaticly list your character name, OOC name and your key, as well as the same information of who killed you, if you are dead. Please be patient if no RPM is online or available to review your RP Log.

Q: How do I become part of the staff?
A: Staff positions are in most cases handled ingame. I would suggest you to read the following two posts on the forum, as it contains more specific information you will need to know of when applying for a staff position; Link.

Q: How do I purchase a property?
A: You may visit (NPC) Doyle located on the real estate floor of Turner Inc, in the city. He can show you the available houses and companies, as well as the prices required for them. In order to purchase the property, you need to ensure you have the required money on your bank account. Visit the bank next to P3 for more information on banking. (NPC) Doyle also allows you to sell the property again.