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Demonic Power sets and descriptions

Telekinesis is the ability to move things with the power of one's mind alone. It can be channeled through the eyes, the hands and even the voice. Although many beings learn how to use Telekinesis, only few reach its full potential.

Skill Required Power
Telekinesis Object 16'000
Click&Drag Light Objects 32'500
Telekinesis Player 185'000
Click&Drag Heavy Objects 200'000
Telekinesis Pull 375'000
Telekinesis Players 1'600'000
Telekinesis Reversal 2'800'000
Telekinesis Blast 15'500'000 / 17'000'000
Telekinesis Choke* 34'500'000 / 42'000'000
Telekinesis Rage* 69'000'000 / 78'000'000

* = This skill can only be obtained by those born with this power set. (Hybrids excluded)

Fire is an elemental power. A person with this power can manipulate fire with full control.

Skill Required Power
Firethrow 19'000
Firebolt 267'000
Pyrokinesis 1'700'000 / 16'300'000
Flame 2'750'000 / 15'300'000
Fireblast 16'500'000 / 17'500'000
Ignite 32'500'000 / 33'500'000
Fire Tornado 38'000'000 / 40'000'000

Electrokinesis is the ability to create and project electricity or lightning. Many demons are known to be able to create energybolts, though only few have full control of the entire field of electricity.

Skill Required Power
Energybolt 17'000
Electricute 335'000
Electro Mental Ignition 3'000'000 / 3'800'000
Lightning 16'900'000 / 31'000'000
ElectroKinetic Blast 64'900'000 / 68'500'000

Normally, Empath's are beings of light. It has been confirmed that demons cannot handle the whole rainbow of human emotions, though they are capable of dark feelings such as hatred, anger, pride and probably carnal lust. Due to their rare powers of feeling the emotions of others, they usually become counselors, elders, teachers, psychiatrists, and so on.

Skill Required Power
Firebolt 19'000
Empathic Sense 260'000
Empath Read 2'500'000
Empath Reverse 15'360'000
Spellcasting & Potion Making 18'500'000
Future Sight 32'500'000 / 35'000'000


Shapeshifting, also called Transmogrification, is the ability to change shape or form of themselves and others.

Skill Required Power
Summon Athame 8'000
Energybolt 161'000
Shapeshift 185'000
Shapeshift Other 15'300'000 / 16'300'000

Powerful demonic beings who have the ability to transform themselves into large spiders, their poisonous bite is said to be even lethal to other demons.

Skill Required Power
Summon Athame 11'500
Dark Energyball 190'000
Spider Sense 2'524'000
Transform 15'400'000
Spiderweb 15'400'000

Demonic Healers are a race of demons that live in the underworld and heal other demons who have been wounded. Demonic healers have been shown to possess passive powers such as potion making.

Skill Required Power
Fireball 34'000
Sense Wounds 230'000
Potion Making 230'000
Demon Heal 15'500'000
Sense 16'800'000
Regenerate* 34'800'000 / 36'500'000

* = This skill can only be obtained by those born with this power set. (Hybrids excluded)

Powerful demonic beings who can manipulate and manifest smoke to their will.

Skill Required Power
Summon Athame 14'500
Smokeball 235'000
Smokebeam 14'500'000 / 16'500'000

Millennia ago these demons worked in the service of Mercury, the self proclaimed Roman God of thievery. In modern times they've evolved into a powerful clan of Demons.

Skill Required Power
Conjure 24'000
Telekinesis Object 220'000
Click&Drag Light Objects 220'000
Telekinesis Player 450'000
Click&Drag Heavy Objects 450'000
Telekinesis Reverse 1'500'000
Telekinesis Pull 1'500'000
Illusion Casting 14'500'000
Thermal Blast 32'750'000 / 35'530'000

The Siren is a demonic seductress. She lures married men with her song.  When they kiss, she burns the man up from the inside.  The song lures the woman as well, and then the Siren burns her alive.

Skill Required Power
Firethrow 21'000
Siren Sense 262'000
Pyrokinesis 3'000'000
Kiss of Death 15'900'000 / 17'100'000
Rage 32'800'000 / 35'600'000

Their seductive powers only work in men who are in love. As demons are incapable of loving, without a soul, they show complete immunity to a Sirens lure.

These demons are of no specific origin and are known to have a random variation of powers.

Skill* Required Power
Energybolt, Red Energybolt, Firebolt, Dark Energyball, Dark Bolt, Electric Bolt 40'000
Shapeshift, Conjure, Empower Athame, Adjust, Summon Object, Sense, Telepath, Telekinesis 450'000
Shapeshift, Conjure, Empower Athame, Adjust, Summon Object, Sense, Telepath, Telekinesis 2'750'000
Shapeshift, Conjure, Empower Athame, Adjust, Summon Object, Sense, Telepath, Telekinesis 15'450'000
Flame, Touch of Death, Strangulation, Lightning, Pyrokinesis 17'460'000

* = You must pick a single skill from every skill list.